Prevent Your Fast Food from Getting Soggy

Posted on January 1, 2012

I have had a really hard time keeping my fast food crunchy recently, so I thought I would share some tips I have discovered along the way. Most fast food is cooked in oil of some sort, and the grease from that can cause foods that should be crunchy to get soggy and soft. This can literally ruin a meal if you have a long drive to get it home. Instead of letting that happen though, you need to carefully plan your fast food packaging while you are at the restaurant. That could change your food for the better. Here are some tips to ensure that your food is crispy when you get it home.

Leave the Bag Open

Most fast food places will fold the top of the bag over when they hand you your food because they want to keep all of the heat in. This is fine in theory, but it can cause a lot of moisture to build up in the bag. Once that happens, your crispy BK fries are nothing more than slopping potato strings. If you can keep the bag open while you drive home, you will be able to get enough air to the food to keep it crispy. It may be a little cold when you get home, but you can always pop it in the toaster oven if you need to. At least this way it will seem crisp and fresh when you go to eat it.

Avoid Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are particularly bad about trapping in moisture. The best example I can think of is for Taco Bell. They always seem to put their food in a plastic sack rather than a paper bag, and that plastic sack will turn a hard taco to a soft-bottomed mush ball in a ten minute ride home. I always ask for my tacos to be put in a box instead, and I now don’t have the problem of getting a soggy taco when I go to take a bite. If you can avoid plastic bags on a regular basis, you will have the best chance at maintaining the crunchiness of your food.

Get Toppings on the Side

Sometimes the sogginess of a sandwich does not come from the grease but rather from the toppings that you have on the sandwich. A tomato can easily destroy a sandwich by leaking liquids all over the bead. If you leave it on a bun long enough, it will make the top and bottom soaking wet. You can always ask for your toppings to be put on the side to ensure that you get the least amount of sogginess possible. This is mainly the case for sauces and veggies because cheese shouldn’t be too much of an issue. People may look at you strange for asking for toppings on the side, but they aren’t the ones that have to eat the food. You do, and you have to find a solution that suits your needs.


You can’t always avoid getting soggy food from a fast food restaurant, but you can damn sure try. If you make an effort to keep a food item as dry as possible on the road, you should be able to enjoy what you eat when you get home. If you want to avoid all of this entirely, you could always just eat at the restaurant. Seeing that most people don’t have the time to do that though, it may be in your best interest to follow the tips above whenever you go to a fast food restaurant.

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